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My name is Beau Bergstrom and I'm the owner of Bergstrom Concrete Designs. I design, manufacture, and install concrete countertops, sinks, and fireplaces. From modern to rustic and unique concrete finishes, I can create any look you want. I have been trained in GRFC, Custom Fabric Forming, and a technique called Dusty Crete, which creates beautiful veining and marbling in the concrete. This is not your traditional concrete, it is enforced with a special blend of fibers and additives making it extremely dense and strong. The concrete itself starts out white, but pigment can be added to customize any color, as well as surface stains. We primarily make countertops, sinks, and fireplaces, but also offer tables, tiles, shower panels, firepits, water features, and flowerpots.   


We love working closely with our clients to custom design pieces together, It’s exciting getting the opportunity to work together and the client becomes part of creating a masterpiece.


*Free Estimates *Family Owned & Operated *Licensed & Insured CA.

"Our goal is to satisfy people with our quality craftsmanship."

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